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End Summer in Style in Clearwater, FL

a group of people on a beach

With September on the horizon, the big yellow school buses are back, the smell of wood-sharpened pencils and Expo markers are circling throughout the air, and summer is coming to a close. If you are like us over at Cruisin’ Tikis, you never want summer to end. And let’s be honest, is there a better way to soak up the last rays of that glorious summer sun than on a private floating tiki bar with your closest friends? We don’t think so! Our floating tiki bars are a unique alternative to the normal booze cruise. Booking a trip with us is the perfect way to make long-lasting summer memories with your closest friends.

If you are soaking up all the sun you can on Clearwater Beach, FL, Cruisin’ Tikis has you covered for summer fun all-year-round out on the water. We will take you just about anywhere your heart desires in Clearwater, FL. Our Private Cruise Tiki Bars hold up to 6 people, and you can fully customize your booze cruise to your party’s wants and needs. Each Tiki boat allows your party to bring their own drinks and food to make the trip even more fun! If your group is large, we also offer tandem cruises to fit up to 24 people. This way, everyone in your group can experience Clearwater Beach from a unique perspective.

Our boats are the perfect place to see those famous Florida sunsets. If your group is stacked full of sunset lovers, the Sunset Tiki Cruise is right up your alley. You and your group will get to go on a private boat tour of Clearwater Beach just as the sun is setting. The feelings of serenity and peace you will get after a tour like this is unforgettable, and you will have the best view in the house cruising on a floating Tiki Bar!

Are you on a final summer vacation with kids? Cruisin’ Tiki’s has something for all. Children ages 6 and up are welcome on our floating tiki bars! If your family enjoys interactive activities, the Dolphin Tiki Tour is going to be the experience of a lifetime. You and your family will be able to go out on the water and cruise down Clearwater Beach in search of all types of wildlife: Dolphins, birds, maybe the occasional “Florida Man”, and so much more! This dolphin tour will be something your kids remember forever – it is pretty hard to recreate the moment of seeing a dolphin on a floating tiki bar!

Cruisin’ with us is the perfect way to close out your summer with an experience like no other. Book your one-of-a-kind tour with us today for just $49.99/person. We’re waiting to cruise with you soon!