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Five Must-See Attractions in Clearwater, Florida

a sunset over a body of water

Clearwater, Floria is perhaps best known for its close proximity to Tampa, Florida, the professed nightlife hub of the state of Florida. Despite being so close to Tampa, there are plenty of must-see Clearwater, Florida attractions sure to pique your interest and make your visit an exciting one.

1. Cruisin’ Tikis Clearwater

Cruisin’ Tikis in Tampa is one of the best ways to see the harbor in Clearwater. Operating safely and carefully, Cruisin’ Tikis offers a unique way to enjoy marine life and cruise the harbor. Cruisin’ Tikis focuses on customizing its users’ experiences, by providing plenty of space and ice for customers to bring their own food and drinks, rather than providing that food and drinks for a sky-high upcharge. Cruisin’ Tikis knows how important atmosphere is to a party, gathering, or experience, and allows its guests to take control of their own atmosphere, and set the tone for the trip.

Cruisin’ Tikis ranges from $49.95 to $69.95 per person and provides space for 6-12 guests. Captained by licensed and registered professionals, Cruisin Tikis allows you to get close to marine wildlife, truly customize your boating experience, and enjoy 90-120 minutes of beautiful views, set to your own soundtrack or preferred music.

2. Clearwater Aquarium

If you weren’t able to get enough of wildlife on your tiki cruise, why not get up close and personal at Clearwater’s acclaimed aquarium? Clearwater Aquarium was developed as a rescue and conservation center, and continues to uphold those ideals. With interactive exhibits that allow you to see (and even touch) marine life, Clearwater Aquarium is one of the best family-friendly attractions in Clearwater, Florida.

Aquarium entrance fees may vary, according to the activities you wish to partake in, but entrants can expect to encounter dolphins, sea turtles, otter, and other marine life. Guests may be able to witness the many different ways aquarium staff interact with and care for their water-bound friends, and guests may even be able to assist in some of these care practices.

3. Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park is one of many beautiful waterfront attractions in Clearwater, and offers its visitors a long stretch of beautiful, white sand and clear water. Sand Key Park combines the beauty of the beach with the amenities of a park, providing visitors with a dog park, cabanas, and even a playground, all nestled among local marine wildlife and other visiting families and individuals.

Despite its beautiful scenery and pristine waterfront, Sand Key Park is often overlooked by local visitors, making it far less busy than Clearwater Beach. This is a great spot for anyone in search of sandy beaches and water to dip into, and may even boast a food truck or two to sate your hunger and thirst.

4. Ruth Eckerd Hall

Ruth Eckerd Hall is Clearwater’s local concert venue, offering a breathtaking and intimate concert and show experience for all of its guests. Ruth Eckerd Hall was constructed with unique features, including wide aisles, continuous seating, and a wholly unobstructed view for all seats. The hall was developed to improve the average concert-goers experience, and Ruth Eckerd Hall more than delivers. Hosting practically everything, from children’s attractions to broadway shows, Ruth Eckerd Hall has long been praised for its acoustics and state-of-the-art equipment, all of which combine to create a truly unique experience in Clearwater.

Although the rich beaches and clear waters of Clearwater, Florida often take center stage, Ruth Eckerd Hall is a great option for anyone visiting Clearwater, and searching for some indoor fun.

5. Clearwater’s Pier 60

Pier 60 is one of the best attractions in Clearwater, Florida, boasting over 1,000 feet of boardwalk to venture up and down. Apart from offering beautiful views, Pier 60 is equipped with pavilions, telescopes, a park, and plenty of spaces from which to fish–and plenty of professionals ready and willing to help at the pier’s bait shop. Pier 60 has its own daily tradition, offering crafts and entertainment from 6-9 PM.

Although you can certainly immerse yourself in all the bait shop has to offer, Pier 60 is a free attraction, if your primary goal is to take in the beauty of Clearwater and stretch your legs.

A visit to Clearwater necessitates a peek into all of the incredible sights the city has to offer. Attractions in Clearwater, Florida vary widely in terms of price, time, and even fitness level, and no matter your age, there is sure to be something for you.

If you are looking to get out on the water on your own tiki cruise, make a reservation with Cruisin Tikis today!