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Take a Sunset Cruise with Cruisin’ Tikis

a sunset over a body of water

During the day, Florida is known for its pristine beaches, complete with clear water, beautiful white sand, and plenty of people eager to drink in all that the state has to offer. But what are you going to do after the sun sets? A visit to Florida can be taken one step further by experiencing a Cruisin’ Tikis’ Sunset Tiki Cruise–an amazing way to take in the breathtaking nighttime views with good company.


At Cruisin’ Tikis, we believe you should have control over your food and beverage options while making sure your party is safe and in good hands. Enjoy the beautiful sunset from the deck of a small, intimate tiki boat, captained by a professional with USCG certification.

Our BYOB and BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks!) service allows you and your party to truly customize your sunset tiki experience, with plenty of cooler space. Our coolers are filled with ice to make sure your drinks–from mixed drinks to soda–are kept nice and cold, while you relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets that Clearwater, St. Pete’s or Tampa has to offer.

What to Expect of each Sunset Cruise

Each Sunset Tiki Cruise is 2 hours long, and prices can vary by location. Each Sunset Tiki Cruise can accommodate up to 12 guests (private parties), or 6 guests, to maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines.  We also provide Bluetooth speakers, which allows guests to further personalize their sunset cruise experience.

Whether you are in Florida to take in the beautiful, clear water, you love the sight of boats lining the harbor, or you are eager to surround yourself with marine life, Sunset Tiki Cruises can deliver. On our cruises, you may find yourself encountering dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife, while enjoying the view of local homes, plenty of boats, and (of course), the breathtaking view of the water, the beach and the beautiful skyline of Clearwater, Tampa or St. Pete’s

Reach out today for more information or book your Sunset Tiki Cruise today!